Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekly Contest from Carol

I haven't posted in SUCH a long time. You'd think I was busy or something . . . NOT. I just need to get back in the habit.

Here's a quick entry since I'm on my way to Texas for the week and I need to go pack!

Carol Tuttle does a weekly giveaway with some A-M-A-Z-I-N-G products. She specializes in EFT and and energy clearing techniques. If you haven't tried either, you're missing out!

Click here to enter!! You won't regret checking out her blog. Thanks, Carol!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Miss Manners

It's that time again . . .


Which means it's almost the weekend and I'm doing the "happy dance" for that one! I missed 5QF last week because of one WHOPPER of a migraine that put me in the ER for an IV cocktail that was heavenly.

So . . . here are the questions. Hook up from Mama M's page and join this enlightening meme!

1. Do you know what your REAL hair color is?

You bet! Brunette . . . with a bit of red when the sun hits it just right. Is that the color right now? Oh wait . . . that wasn't the question. *Wink* *wink*

2. Do you plan ahead for summer, or fly by the seat of your pants?

Summer is just like any other season. I go to work. I come home. I go to bed. I get up. And repeat. WHY I don't go on a vacation I'll never know!

3. What is your favorite meal to cook?

I have a killer recipe for homemade creamy chicken soup . . . with dill and red wine vinegar. It's easy and it's awesome when the weather outside is frightful . . . which it HAS been for MONTHS! My family is probably sick of it this winter, but I LOVE to make it.

4. Do you get offended by not receiving thank yous?

I didn't think so, until a family member got married a few years ago. I couldn't attend, but sent a nice gift in the mail. It just would be nice to know the gift got there. And for whatever reason, it made me feel like this individual was being spoiled and snobbish about it all. What ever happened to manners??

5. How did you meet your best friend?

I'm sure quite a few people will put this, but my best friend is my husband. We met online, then he did some work for me and the rest was history. But . . . it's always bothered me that I've never had a best GIRL friend. I never have . . . period. That makes me sound like I'm a snob or maybe not likeable. NOT TRUE! I think it just takes a long time for me to let loose and be myself around people and most women just haven't wanted to stick around long enough. I'm actually pretty fun . . . and funny . . . at least according to my husband (and sometimes my boys will admit this!). Oh well . . . maybe some day.

Ok . . . Your turn!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Green Peppers and Volkswagens

I'm with just about everyone else I know . . . I'm SO glad it's the weekend! With one exception: we woke up to 5 inches of snow . . . AGAIN!!! I want to hunt down Punxsutawney Phil and strangle the little varmint. I think he lied!!

Here's this week's Five Question Friday, and once again Mama M has used one of my questions (did I really submit this many?? haha). Link on up and join in. I love going through the entries and reading what others answer. At times it let's me know I'm not so CrAZy!

1. Can you drive a stick shift?

I certainly can. The very first car I drove when I was 13, out on the country roads (as if that makes it ok!), was a 1963 Volkswagen Beetle. Then when I finally got my permit, we had an old brown pickup with "3 on the tree" and I learned to drive stick. I didn't realize there was any other option. Now days, it seems like it's a rare thing if someone knows how to drive a stick. I LOVE driving a stick . . . you can be SO much more of a hotrod if you have one.

2. What are two foods you just can't eat?

Green peppers and sauerkraut. Not together . . . well, I guess, not alone either. I love the taste of green peppers but they sure don't like me. I'm allergic and they make me SO sick. Even if there are little pieces of them in something or even if the juice from the pepper gets on my hands . . . watch out!

Sauerkraut on the other hand is just plain AWFUL! The smell, the look, the taste . . . there is nothing appealing AT. ALL. Not to mention I have a painful memory from when I was 5 or 6 years old and I was staying with my Aunt for a few days and she made me eat a LARGE bowl of it because I wouldn't try it at dinner. I was sick all night long after that. Even just smelling it makes me do that disgusting gag reflex. Ugh.

3. Do you buy Girl Scout Cookies? What is your favorite kind?

Yes. And yes. Oh...I have to pick one? Thin Mints . . . hands down!

4. How do you pamper yourself?

This is a rarity. When I do, I get a massage. Have you ever had a hot stone massage? If not, do it! It's one of the best things EVER.

5. What is your nickname and how did you get it?

I just blogged about this. Ever since I was about a year old (maybe younger) my mom has always called me "Tweet." It all started with her calling me "sweet." And of course, baby talk comes in to play and it turned in to "Tweet." Variations of that: Tweeterbug, Tweetie, and Tweeter. But with the invention of Twitter, my nickname means something MUCH different. I used to have a personalized license plate with "Tweet" on it. If I had that now, people would think I'm just an avid Twitter user. I really think I should have copyrighted my nickname!!

Ok . . . your turn!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Speedy Gonzalez Five Question Friday

Yikes . . . I forgot to do my blog last night, so here is my 5QF . . . speedy version. And Mama M used one of my questions AGAIN! Woo hoo!! Thanks, Mama.

1. Have you worn the same outfit more than one day in a row?

Yes . . . yes, I have. I used to think this was the most disgusting thing in the worl
d. And my brothers and I would always laugh when my mom would do this very thing. However . . . the older I get the more often I do. BUT . . . I ONLY do this on weekends. I would NEVER . . . EVER . . .

. . . EVER do this during my work week!

2. If you had to choose any LARGE city to live in, which would it be?

I've lived in Washington, D.C., Sacramento, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, and Madrid, Spain. I love them all . . . for a while. I grew up in a small town and I'm a country girl at heart. But this is a no brainer for me . . . I grew up in the Pacific Northwest. Duh! Seattle would be my city, hands down. I've lived in the desert for more almost 30 years and I really miss the beautiful greenery. And I don't mind the rain (although I DO mind the slugs that come with the rain)!

3. Fly or drive with the kids on vacation?

I'd rather drive. I didn't used to have a fear of flying, but after 9/11 I've really had some issues there. I've had to travel quite a bit for work and I get pretty anxious. However, once I traveled across country . . . in the largest U-Haul possible, with 3 people and a dog in the cab. NEVER again.

4. What is your idea of "spring cleaning"?

What? What's spring cleaning?? LOL

5. What is the best book you have ever read?

There are SOOOO many to choose from. I've always been an avid reader; but the one that stands out in my mind right now is "The Traveler's Gift" by Andy Andrews.

I love books that combine fiction with non-fiction historical events AND have a great life lesson to teach. This book did all that for me. I highly recommend it.

You're turn.

Friday, February 11, 2011

The things we do . . .

Woo Hoo! Mama M's Five Question Friday has one of my submitted questions. Thank you, Mama!

That's a HUGE thank you to Mama M since it's been a tough couple of weeks for her family after a tragedy hit them. If you're a praying sort of person, they could benefit from them. I know they have mine.

If you'd like to join in, I'd love to read your answers. Just comment or hook on up with the linky.

And here we go . . .

1. Would you rather be on ABC's Extreme Home MakeOver or TLC's What not to Wear?

Easy choice here. I already know how to dress and look F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!! Thanks to Carol Tuttle and her "Dressing Your Truth" and "Energy Profiling" systems. Check it out.

The only problem with Extreme Home Makeover is this . . .

His screaming drives me NUTS!!

I liked him SO much better when he was on Trading Spaces with cute little Paige Page.

He wasn't so . . . IN YOUR FACE obnoxious!

2. Do you have any tattoos?

Well . . . yes and no. I would NEVER get a tattoo . . . NEVER . . . EVER . . .

Okay . . . that was . . until 6 months ago. It started awhile back. I became SO frustrated with my eyeliner always coming off on my upper lids (I have fairly hooded eyelids) and was complaining to my hair stylist. "Oh!" she said. "I do permanent eyeliner. You'd love it! It really doesn't hurt much at all."

So after several months of asking . . . talking about it . . . waffling . . . I agreed to do it. Wow . . . was I in for a surprise.

It. Hurt. Like. HELL! And my eyes were swollen for days. And I couldn't wear my contacts. And I couldn't wear makeup. And I bruised. Shall I go on? In hindsight, I probably wouldn't do it again. But I have to say . . . I do love them! And yes . . . they are JUST like a tattoo.

3. Do you tell your kids about things you did growing up?

If it's about growing up riding cows, flinging manure, and making forts out of bales of hay . . . YES! Anything else . . . they'll have to wait until their 40s to hear those stories (or maybe their 50s). Haha.

4. If the traffic signal turns yellow, do you stop or speed up?

I always make a quick scan of the cars stopped at the cross roads and if I don't see a cop . . . I speed up. Red means go, green means stop, and yellow means speed up. Right?

5. What's your preference: chocolate or chips?

Another easy answer . . . I don't like chocolate. I don't like ice cream. I've been called "un-American" by co-workers because of this. Oh well . . . if I can have a bag of Salt and Vinegar chips I'm happy.

You're turn.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Zzzz + Snow + Mocktails = 5QF

Yee Haw!! It's Friday and that means . . .

I get to pretend I'm going to sleep in on Saturday and Sunday, but I'll really wake up at 5:45am and not be able to go back to sleep! Yay!!

I SO look forward to that . . .


But it also means Five Question Friday . . . which I love doing. Thank you Mama M. If you want to join in, I'd love to read your answers . . . and I greatly appreciate comments . . .

. . . it makes me feel loved.

1. If you had $1,000 to donate to a charity, which would you choose?

I don't know how to choose on this one . . . mainly because I'd donate to anything relating to children. I used to be a pre-school assistant director, and I saw a lot of sad, neglected children. Some days it was hard to watch these children begging for attention and affection from their parent(s), only to be ignored and rushed out the door because Mom or Dad just wanted to get home. Whitney had it right:

"I believe the children are our are future Teach them well and let them lead the way Show them all the beauty they possess inside Give them a sense of pride to make it easier."

2. Snow days: Do you welcome them happily or are they a pain in your butt?

Snow day? What's that? Unless we get two feet of snow, life goes on. And even then, schools and businesses are only delayed 2 hours. Utahns are NOT afraid of snow. In the 30 years I've lived here, schools only closed once (that I recall). I laugh when I read about the two inches of snow in the east and they've canceled school before the storm even hits. Wimps!

3. What talent did you wish you had and why?

This is an interesting question for me. I've tried a lot of things . . . acting, singing, playing the cello (and clarinet, piano, and organ), being on TV, painting, and making stained glass windows. If I get a bug in my ear about something, I'll try it . . . and I'm usually pretty good (ugh . . . that sounds so conceited!). I believe I can be talented at whatever I want to try.

But secretly . . . I wish I could be a backup singer for [fill in the blank]. It wouldn't matter who . . . I just love singing in harmony. (shhhhhh!)

4. Are you a news, politics or celebrity gossip junkie?

All three. My college major was television and film production. I would eat, live and breathe anything on TV. I still do . . . and I secretly still wish I was covering stories at the White House or doing the hand-held roving camera at college football and basketball games. I watch programs and movies and say to myself, "I could have directed that better" or "I could have done a better shot than that!"

5. What is your favorite "cocktail"? (Are you a beer person, a kiddie cocktail junkie, or perhaps your more the "Cosmo" kind?! Anything flies...doesn't hafta be alcoholic!)

Hands down . . . Strawberry Margarita . . . mocktail, of course. Mmmmmmmm.

You're turn!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ode to Night Sweats