Thursday, April 22, 2010

Grover, and Gaga, and Pintos . . . Oh My!

Five Question Friday here I come!! Join in. It really is fun getting to know other bloggers. Here's what you do: Copy and Paste the following questions to your blog and answer them, and if you want to link up using the Link at the bottom (formerly known as McLinky) so that others can read what words of wisdom you have to impart, feel free. Thanks, Mama M!!

1. What was the first car you owned?
2. What song are you embarrassed to know the lyrics to?
3. Have you ever had stitches?
4. What was your first job?
5. Who is your favorite Sesame Street character?

Here's my two cents:

1. What was the first car you owned?

This will TOTALLY give away my age (ok, my previous post did that, not this question!). I had a Ford . . . wait for it . . . PINTO. Woohoo!! And boy, did I feel cool driving around in THAT!

2. What song are you embarrassed to know the lyrics to?

I've mentioned this before, but I DO like Lady Gaga, even though some of her lyrics are a little dicey. So right now I know the lyrics to most of the songs on both the CDs we have. But, as a 17 year old (even for my 21 year old) to have your mom sing: "Cause I'm bluffin' with my muffin . . ." is just a little TOO much.

3. Have you ever had stitches?

Oh, yes. I'm including surgeries in this one, since I'm just slightly accident prone. I've fallen down the stairs one too many times and have had to have 3 knee surgeries and 1 ankle reconstruction (probably more than 30 stitches there). My last mishap was from the garbage. NEVER, EVER, push the garbage down in the can to make room for more. You might find a can lid that wasn't dropped in to the can properly. That little space saving measure cost me feeling in the side of thumb and several stitches.

4. What was your first job?

I always tell my kids I started working when I was 9. In spirit, I did, but wasn't legally paid until I was of age (15?). We had a family business and my brothers and I all worked there until we left home (some of us even came back after college). We did everything from filing papers to shoveling manure. Guess which one was my favorite? :)

5. Who is your favorite Sesame Street character?

I didn't grow up with Sesame Street, so didn't ever watch it much until I was in my late 30s (I worked for PBS and didn't have a choice then!). I'd have to say it's a toss up between two: Grover and the Cookie Monster. They're both so goofy and deep down, they care about others (yes, I know they aren't real!).
Have at it!!


Beth McC. said...

Love all your answers! So Fun!!! Your blog is too cute! Thanks for sharing...Happy Friday

Lolidots said...

That car is AWESOME! ;-)

Hoppin' over from Mama M's! Happy Friday!

Mama M. said...

A fellow Grover lover!! A friend told me today, that Grover was boring...boring! Can you believe it?!

I sooo enjoyed reading your answers...and, you are a much cooler mom than me, AARP and all...since I don't know any Lady Gaga songs!!

Rene said...

Thanks for all your comments!! I love it when people actually read my blog :)

Nf1andprek-whisper said...

i cant believe anyone elses first car was a ford pinto- I was so happy to see this, and I am like 40 something what are you, who doesn't sing to lady gaga
found you thru 5 question friday of course, loved you answers. I am from wasabi mommy