Monday, January 18, 2010

Blog Naming 101

Soooo . . . after browsing through hundreds of blogs, I started to wonder how people came up with their blog names. I’ve seen people who write from the perspective of their pets (“Saucy and Snooty”) or “The Adventures of the xxx Family” (add the family name of your choice) or NUMEROUS titles about a “simple” life (who has a simple life anymore???).

I wanted my blog name to be original (it probably isn’t, but I don’t have time to browse through EVERY title!) so I went back over events of the past 10 years hoping a name would magically pop into my head. Here is a “short” list of happenings:

  • 5 moves (4 different states and 1 move intra-state)
  • 2 layoffs
  • Several beatings
  • 2 marriages
  • 2 divorces
  • 1 Ankle reconstructive surgery (after falling down the stairs for the 100th time)
  • 2 Rotator cuff surgeries
  • 1 Knee surgery (from an injury that happened on the Rockin' Rollercoaster at DisneyWorld. Woo hoo!!)
  • A breast cancer scare
  • 1 broken hand
  • 11 stitches (7 in a ring finger, 4 in a thumb)

Read enough? I have. And through it all, I’ve discovered I’m a strong person and I’ve never asked “why me?” (well, maybe once) and I fought through it all (with a lot of praying and crying) and I kept moving on.

Thus, “The Patience of Job” was born. Enjoy ☺

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Gio, Judi and Boys said...

i love it and am looking forward to stalking you....i have two blogs that you can follow..the third isn't for others, just me....
so here are my addresses... and (this one doesn't have much, it will be for when robert is on his mission).happy blogging, you'll love it!!!