Sunday, February 28, 2010

Reflections of a Mother

I'm not sure why the death of Marie Osmond's 18-year old son has touched me so. Maybe it's because I've followed the Osmond's since the beginning of their careers and had posters plastered on my "tween" bedroom walls; I was a part of their family. Or maybe it's because I identify with Marie's weight and depression issues. But I have a feeling it's more because I'm first and foremost a mother of two wonderful young men.

A mother lost her son to a terrible illness. Mothers in Chile and Haiti have lost their children as well, and I can only imagine all the pain these women are enduring and will continue to endure for the rest of their lives. So this has caused me a lot of reflection over the past two days on my guys and no matter what . . . I LOVE THEM!

I love them when they tease me incessantly about my "ranting" while I drive. I love them when they hide in the hall closet and try to scare the pee out of me (that HAS happened!!). I love them when they act as if they can't make their own sandwich (don't get any ideas you guys that I'll be doing that every day for you!). I love them when they unexpectedly say "I love you, mom." And no matter what they say or do or how angry I may get at them or how busy life becomes, they will always be my babies . . . and I LOVE THEM!!!

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Hendricksonblog said...

So you commented on my blog. I came here to try to figure out how you made it there and this is what I found. If you click on one of your blog friends (the ones who adopted) and then look at their adoption buddies, then choose the Huffs. These people are family to my husbands sister. I bet that is not how you found your way to my blog but it continues to prove to me how interconnected we all are. My husband worked in springville for a few years at a place called ATL. So anyway Im a ramblin' but I find these kinds of things so intriguing. So your most recent post struck me too. I think Suicide must by far be the absolute worst thing parents could ever deal with. That is when the H.G. takes over in his comforter role or none of us could make it through. Your boys are handsome and I love knowing right away where they were. We have some fans in this house too.